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Hindu Janampatri is claimed to be the graphical illustration of planets at the time of one's birth in a very specific system developed by ancient sagacious pundits. Janam Patri or Janam Kundali is mostly ready supported person's birth-details, and it finds out all pseudoscience data concerning person and his life. One's Ascendant (lagna), Zodiac signs (Rasi), and movement or position of planets in horoscope influences his life from kid, adolescent, adult to adulthood.

Hindu Janam Kundali Matching

In India, it is not only a tradition of keeping and referring Kundali of newborn, but also the simplest answer of predicting the future of a child or a person. Arrange Marriages, in fact, are proposed and sustained after referring Guna milap (attribute-matching) and after clarifying about Mangal dosha of bride and groom with the help of Hindu Janam Kundali Matching or Janam Patri Milan. Hindu Janam Kundali Matching is integrated part of Indian life and our software gives you most comprehensive Hindu Kundali Matching report free of cost.

Birth Horoscope Tool

Birth Horoscope could be a powerful tool which will facilitate select right direction in life, if you've got religion in it. And if you're already on the proper path, you will reach the destination simply and blithely, by following your birth chart. Knowing your Birth Horoscope or birth chart is adequate knowing yourself terribly well!

Janampatri shows your life staring of your time and till your end time of life. In your janampatri you can know the answers of such these questions-

• How much you does education in your life.
• Your married life also describe in janampatri.
• How will your career grow in future.
• Tell you about manglik dosh, sarp dosh etc.
• About your travelling trip
• About your child problem