Home Remedies To Reduce Shani Ki Sade Sati

In Hindu astrology Sade sati having very strong place Every people afraid with this because it’s saying that if there is Sade sati reside in someone’s kundali his/her  upcoming years will like just hell because no work can be complete, no approaches will be there for you in upcoming years it’s all happen just cause of Sade sati. This time will be just challenging for the victim and he suffers a bad time. And along with that his/her karmas also matter  if karmas are good that it reflect a less but karmas is bad then it affect a lot his/her life. And it also true that the person who is going through Sade sati suffers from Health, personal, financial, career, business and educational problems. Sade sati is the time period of 7½ year in a zodiac sign of person. Vashikaran Specialist Astrologer believes that shani is the god of Justice who makes justice with the peoples and gives them result of good and bad karmas to everyone. When Sade sati occurs in  anyone’s kundali then in starting condition person get too much depressed and feeling stressed and as time pass he feels the financial problem and relations problem also which is not good for anyone.

We are going to tell you some home remedies for the Sade sati which will help you to reduce effect of Sade sati:

  1. If you Worship of lord Hanuman is will impress Lord Shani, it’s a belief of astrologers. Recite and chant the hanuman chalisa on every Tuesday and Saturday.
  2. Donating of items on every Saturday will also help you to reduce the effect of Sade sati, donate the items like mustard oil, black till, black cloth, black umbrella, and black shoes. And donating of money to the needy people also help.
  3. Offer last chapatti to the black dog on Saturday or you can give any of eatable item.
  4. Shani dev get angry with the alcohol so if you are suffering from Sade sati effect never take alcohol especially on Saturday and Tuesday.
  5. Horse shoe is very effective to reduce the effect of Sade sati, use the horse shoe on the main entrance door of home and you can also wear the ring of horse shoe in middle finger.
  6. Never purchase black cloth, oil, leather items on Saturday.
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